Medical insurance for foreigners within the extent of necessary and urgent medical care is intended for those foreign citizens, who wish to stay in the Czech Republic for no more than 90 days and apply for a short-term visa or to live in the Czech Republic for more than 90 days and apply for a long-term visa or a long-term residence permit. This insurance will be sufficient if a foreigner applies for a visa at the Embassy of the Czech Republic abroad.

Insurance coverage for necessary and urgent medical care is valid throughout the Schengen area. This insurance is suitable for study, tourist, and business stay.

The insurance coverage includes

  • necessary and urgent examinations to establish the diagnosis and determine the appropriate treatment methods
  • hospitalization
  • drugs are taken on an outpatient basis
  • dental treatment in case of severe toothache
  • transportation to a medical facility
  • repatriation of the insured person, including the transportation of his remains to the country of permanent residence.

The insurance does not cover the “administration fee” charged to the insured person at the medical facility.

A detailed description of the services provided, including the maximum compensation amount, is given in the terms of the insurance policy.

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