Insurance Exclusive s.r.o. provides accounting services and services to companies and individuals in the Czech Republic.

A fundamental factor in a successful company is a good accountant.

Regardless of the field of activity, turnover, the number of employees and co-founders, every company needs competent accounting in the Czech Republic. A competent accountant knows how to reduce tax costs for your company, and he also knows better where the costs of the company are very high, or the company’s profit in some industries may be higher.

Thus, by hiring an accountant for a permanent job or concluding a contract for remote service you can not only transfer routine tasks to a professional for execution but also earn more.

The Insurance Exclusive company will solve your problems!

We employ several accountants with extensive experience, which allows us to resolve emerging issues and problems  very quickly and without delay. Thus, you can count on quick consultations on all emerging issues regarding accounting services for your organization in the Czech Republic by telephone, e-mail, or a personal visit to our office in Prague.

Accounting Services in the Czech Republic from Insurance Exclusive – full support for your business in the Czech Republic

  • Consulting on accounting and tax accounting in the Czech Republic
  • Registration and accounting of primary documentation
  • Full accounting services for the company’s activities
  • Preparation of annual reports
  • VAT reporting
  • Taxes calculation
  • Submission of reporting
  • Recommendations regarding costs optimization
  • Recovery of lost documentation
  • VAT refund
  • Protecting the interests of the company in the event of disputes with government bodies
  • Management reporting
  • Foreign economic activity consulting
  • Remote services


By contacting Insurance Exclusive, you can get answers to any questions regarding accounting in the Czech Republic.


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