The legal address of Czech companies or the place of business of an individual entrepreneur is the address of the business registration in the Czech Republic. It is registered in the Commercial Register and subsequently indicated on all official documents related to business activities. A business can have several addresses of the physical location of objects of activity, for example, offices, branches, but there is always only one registration (main) address. It can contribute to the development of business, since the trust of potential customers, difficulties with the control of state bodies, and much more dependent on it, therefore, it is worthwhile to treat it responsibly and entrust yourself to the hands of professionals.

The legal address is recorded in the Commercial Register and indicated in the constituent documents. The decision on the legal address of the company is taken by the applicant, which means that the person who submits documents for registration in the Commercial Register. There are no special requirements for registration in the Czech Republic. At the moment, the law stipulates only one important condition: if a company is registered in an apartment, then its use for business purposes should not disturb the peace and order in the house. In relation to the state authorities, he determines the local affiliation of the company and which division of the Commercial Court the firm belongs to, and most importantly, it determines the affiliation to the territorial division of the Czech Finance Department (Tax Office).

Place of business for individual entrepreneurs

The same is the case with the registered address of an individual entrepreneur. If you are renting real estate in the Czech Republic, then by agreement with the owner of the property, you can place the address of the business activity at the place of residence. If you are the owner of real estate, the registration takes place in it. n the case of rented real estate, the change of residence also causes the registration change of the address of the business, which is associated with some additional costs.


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