There are two health insurance systems in the Czech Republic: state and commercial. The largest state insurance company providing health insurance is the VZP (Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna ČR).

According to the law, only the following are entitled to state health insurance:

  • citizens of the Czech Republic,
  • foreign citizens who have the right to permanent residence in the Czech Republic
  • foreigners permanently working for a Czech company.

If you do not belong to any of the listed categories, then you need to enter into a health insurance contract with a commercial insurance company.

Comprehensive health insurance in a private commercial company compensates for the same services as public insurance companies, with the only difference that commercial insurance companies provide a narrower choice of hospitals and do not compensate for the treatment of chronic diseases.

The rest of the medical services, such as doctor’s appointments, necessary tests, emergency dental services, childbirth, are fully compensated by the majority of private companies. You can get all these services at any hospital that has a contract with your chosen insurance company. If the services were provided to you by another medical institution that does not have an agreement with your insurance company, then full or partial reimbursement of your treatment costs is also possible, but its amount will depend on the type of services, their cost, and the insurance contract you have chosen.

Comprehensive health insurance is offered by many private, commercial insurance companies. The undisputed leaders include the AXA ASSISTANCE Insurance Company, which has been successfully operating in the European market for over 10 years. The maximum compensation for the medical services received meets the requirements of the Czech Ministry of the Interior for obtaining a residence permit for a foreigner and amounts to 60.000,00 EUR. Also, this company offers the widest selection of medical institutions, where you will be provided with the necessary treatment not only in the Czech Republic but also in other Schengen countries.


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